Today’s topic is WorkforcePool, a freelance marketplace based on the world’s most accessible blockchain-based ecosystem, Pi Network. Using the WorkforcePool app, anyone can connect with and hire freelancers around the world, through automated matching of work and talent, merit-based advancement, and blockchain payments.

The Project:

Since Pi aims to be a truly meritocratic economy, it makes sense to have an app where people can post projects that they need help for, in exchange for Pi.


  1. A list of projects that need help. Drilling down on these items, would take the user to a detailed description of the project, where they could apply.
  2. A list of Pioneers, willing to take on projects, in exchange for Pi. Drilling down on these items, would take the user to the Pioneers “page”, which would display the person’s skills, availability, etc.. and a way to initiate contact.
  3. Ability to search both lists.
  4. Messaging ability. This can also include a way to integrate Pi Network’s Chat App.
  5. Workflow for users to create projects.
  6. Workflow for users to create a page to display their skills and openness to work.
  7.  Administrative section to view current jobs working on, applications, proposals, messages, make payments, and lodge complaints.
  8. More advanced features in the administrative section, allowing users to set up chats, collaborate, and implement more advanced projects that require Pioneers with a range of skills.
  9. A way to show ratings and reviews/feedback for projects and Pioneers on the app. T

Services and Revenue Sources for the Project:

Creating job listings, searching, and applying for openings would be free.

Pi could be charged for boosting listings or featuring listings or applicants. For example, if a person is creating a free listing, a Pioneer or Pioneers that qualify, who put up a certain amount of Pi, may be shown after the listing is submitted.

Another source of revenue could be offering more advanced features, for people or organizations. Including a space, to organize a mass marketing or development effort and organize “teams”. Statistics. Tools to incentivize potential or current team members. They could also get a private chat area. Possibly integrating the Pi Network Chat app.

Potential future sources of revenue could involve the use of smart contracts (if implemented), to back ventures by individuals or a syndicate of Pioneers.

the app is LIVE at

Please use the Pi Browser to access full functionality: pi://