The Pi Network’s Core Team has officially announced the conclusion of it’s maiden edition of the Pi Hackathon. The Core Team disclosed that, the event was only to kickstart it’s community building efforts and also to foster community development of Pi Network applications and the ecosystem that will prove use instances of the Pi Blockchain.

The Hackathon tagged #builpi2gether was successfully carried out and the desired results were also achieved. According to the Core Team, the following winners emerged from the Hackathon event from two categories:

1. Pi Network Force: Came first as a business app, it is a marketplace to hire skilled pioneers or get hired for work.

2. PiCare: 1st in ecosystem, it is a bug reporting application for Pi apps and ecosystem apps.

3. Pi Chain Mall: 2nd in business application, it is actually an e-commerce marketplace for buyers and sellers of various goods and services.

4. World of Pi Championship; it is actually an ecosystem App. It’s a social match three puzzle game to compete for prizes. The Core Team also acknowledged it is a non-profit.

5. Watupgot: came third as a business app. It’s is a marketplace to publish their coupons and discounts.

Honorable mentions:

Pi Game Platform (business app) Platform for developers to post and monetize their games

Pi Barter Mall (business app) E-commerce Marketplace for buyers and sellers of various physical and virtual goods

PitoGo Travelers Handy Platform (business app)

Travel platform to book arrangements including hotels, flights, and cars.

Pi Webinars (business model app) Video platform to sell and buy exclusive content

Pi Games from Latin America (ecosystem app) Numerous games including chess against an AI chess bot. All code is open-source.

How much are they receiving as reward?

The winners under each category (business and ecosystem) will receive the following awards:

1st prize = US$20,000 + 20,000 Pi

2nd prize = US$15,000 + 15,000 Pi

3rd prize = US$10,000 + 10,000 Pi

Honorary mention = US$1,000 each + 1,000 Pi

To reiterate, a business app has a business model in Pi and earns Pi from transactions inside the app. An ecosystem app does not earn Pi but rather contributes to the Pi ecosystem and thus may receive additional support and guidance from the Core Team.

In order to receive the funds for your awards, all members of the winning team must pass our KYC compliance standards such as AML and anti-terrorism regulations. We will enable each of you to run a KYC check for free initiated in our app via a third party KYC solution. The winning team should designate one account to receive the prize and they have full responsibility on how to handle their treasury. More ​​specifics on claiming prizes will be communicated by the Core Team to the winning teams in the coming weeks.

Winner selection process

The Core Team exclusively judged Hackathon participants, while also considering hundreds of thousands community ratings and Moderators’ input when making our final decisions. In order to be eligible for Hackathon awards, the apps had to 1) meet the basic requirements listed below and 2) demonstrate quality, utility and potential.

Basic requirements for selection of winners

  • Integration of Pi SDK into your Pi Browser app
  • App accessibility without Sandbox active
  • User authentication within Pi Browser
  • No solicitation of further contact information such as email (Note: Core Team reviewed and turned down requests for some exceptions)
  • Pi transaction capability with Pi instead of non-Pi blockchain assets or fiat currency

In addition, to gauge quality, utility and potential, we considered a wide set of factors such as the following:

  • Usefulness of the app to build the Pi economy
  • UI/UX design
  • Execution of core functionality
  • Commitment to Pi
  • Potential for Pioneer growth
  • Potential for Pioneer engagement
  • Potential for facilitating transactions in Pi cryptocurrency

Reasons for disqualification

Unfortunately, we had to disqualify a few promising apps because they failed to meet the criteria in either of two aspects above. To all Hackathon participants, please do not lose heart if you did not win. More opportunities will be available in the coming months. We will continue to provide support, guidance and more developer programs to help developers succeed in the Pi ecosystem.

For the Business app category, we have selected 3 winners and 4 honorable mentions that met the above criteria. Due to fewer submissions in the Ecosystem app category, not all winning seats are filled.

All unawarded funds in this hackathon, especially in the ecosystem app category, will be used to support app teams in future developer programs in the coming months. We want all present and future teams to succeed, and we would like to support them to the best of our ability.

Please note that the winners are not guaranteed to be listed on the Pi App Directory within the Pi Browser. Keep in mind that hackathons usually result in prototypes or minimum viable products (MVP), and it still takes time and effort for teams to improve and modify their products to reach production-level standards.

Our selection of listed apps in the Pi App Directory will have its own separate process, and we’ll continue to guide these Hackathon teams to improve and modify in order to get there.

SOURCE: minepi