TAU=τ, PI =π, both refer to “PI”, TAUpi= PI Network connecting the ecological cross-chain bridge.

What is TauPi Network?

TAU Network is a DAPP-centric, layer-1 blockchain that focuses on expanding the use of DAPP across various industries and Join hands with Pi Network to make Pi Network grow stronger, also accessible on trading platforms. Their vision is to create a one-stop destination for minting, evaluating, querying, and transacting DAPP, to become a pioneer DAPP infrastructure for the future. TAU Network focuses on building a sovereign blockchain that is optimized for DAPP use cases. This section provides a high-level view of the vision of TAU Network.

TauPi Distribution

The total 62.8 billion, will never be issued, 90% for public casting in 8 million addresses, no presold, no ICO, no reservation,10% for the center flow pool, is expected to open circulation on June 28, or 314*628=197,192 addresses when the application is completed.

TAUpi is distributed on the chain, so there is a Gas fee for receiving, even if it is very small. Blockchain projects need community consensus, so we have an initial price of 6.28 million for adding pools: At 10,000 USD, we don’t need to worry about our financial problems. Pi Network has been operating for free for 3 years, but we don’t have to worry about financial problems. We all have investors behind the scenes.

TAUpi project is a public chain + cross-chain bridge Swap project similar to Binan intelligent chain, which combines the concept of Ethereum chain and Pi Network. Therefore, TAUpi belongs to the public chain project of ecological bridge outside Pi Network.

TAUpi adopts the concept of fair distribution mechanism of Pi Network, and the first stage is distributed on binance intelligent chain. We have been developing the public chain for some time now, and it will be completed soon. When the official main Network is launched, 1: 1 is mapped to TAUpi smart chain. All TAUpi applying for binsecurity chain in the community at present will be the main chain currency in the future, and the Gad fee used for any on-chain behavior operation on the main chain will be it.

More Information can be found on: https://dapp.taunetwork.io/