7 12, 2022

My Experience Using Pichainmall To Barter

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After writing much about Pichainmall today, I will write about my experience shopping on Pichainmall. December 24 is the day I made my first order of 3 pieces of men's boxers at 10.5pi (shipping including) from AngonAudi vendor. Three days later, I received a phone call from the vendor, after the introduction, he verified my

4 12, 2022

Pichainmall Suspend Barter To Improve Platform Security

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As PCM continues to leap ahead all utilities deployed on the Pi Network in terms of features and success. The team announced the suspension of trading activities on the platform to focus on improving the security of its withdrawal function. The announcement of the suspension was made on its official Twitter handle @pichainmall, the team

12 11, 2022

Having Difficulty Paying For Products On Pichainmall? Follow This Steps To Overcome The Problem.

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After much complain regarding payment error by the Pi community using the PCM platform to trade, a reason has solution has been offered to pioneers on how to overcome the error faced during payment. For pioneers facing issues during the barter, if Test-π is displayed when you want to make a payment, please do

8 11, 2022

PichainMall Begins International Trade

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PiChainMall International has officially begin barter for internationally, according to information released today on its the official Twitter handle @pichainmall barter will be open barter in all countries from 10th November, 2022. PichainMall is the first active barter app on the Pi ecosystem which focus on providing barter services for Pioneers of Pi Network

8 11, 2022

PichainMall Begins Crediting Pioneers Account.

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PichainMall announced it begins refunding pioneers who made multiple wrong payments last month. payments attention to your PCM balance. The vendor observes due to platform update during last week, pioneers are not able to sign in and receive PCM points. Distribution was of the lost PCM points during these days were sent to pioneers

25 10, 2022

Pichainmall Suspends Barter on it’s Platform

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  In a tweet on it official handle, it says We are upgrading the database and other important updates. There will be a completely new PCM user experience by the end of this month. Please pay attention to our Twitter announcement about the time of barter opening.   PichainMall is the first active barter app

22 10, 2022

Pichainmall Announced More Features as It Plans to Start International Trade Soon.

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The Pi Network online shopping giant PichainMall has announced a list of new features to the platform. In a tweet it made public today, it informed users of a new version of the logistics query function. The feature has made available 1300+ logistics companies around the world for its users. Furthermore, it requests users to

8 10, 2022

PiChainMall Announce Operations in China And 16 Other Countries.

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The PiChainMall has announced the opening of barter for 17 countries which are Togo, Ivory coast, Nigeria, Nepal, Indonesia, Morocco, Ghana, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Benin, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Yemen, Burundi, Niger, Serbia, and Iraq. The announcement comes after its commencement of system debugging which it said might cause a fluctuation in carrying out transactions

5 10, 2022

PiChainMall begins operation in Nigeria and Rwanda.

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The Pi Network’s community in Nigeria and Rwanda will today witness a major transformation as the long-awaited barter from the Network’s ecosystem digital mall will commence today. Announcing the commencement of the barter PiChainMall disclosed that “Nigeria and Rwanda will be open for barter today October 5th.” This however followed its earlier launch of barter

3 10, 2022

PiChainMall Celebrate over 8,000 Products Posted For Sell By Vendors

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PicahinMall continues to sets new record on the Pi Network ecosystem within few days of the commencement barter, PiChainMall has surprisingly reported over 8,000 products has been displayed on PCM's mainpage. in just a few days showing its successful implementation of the mall on enclose Mainnet. The tweets released by PCM Reads PCM

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