26 09, 2022

Pi Apps: PitoGo Release Achieved a Milestone

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PitoGo announced the release of a beta version of their platform. The version will promote pioneers' engagement as the hotel and reservations,tourist attraction centers,Market places will get listed on the website to let pioneers exchange goods and services. The release which seems like a shift from their previous pitch to a social network type apps

23 09, 2022

Pi Apps: What You Need To Know About Pi Webinars

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Pi Webinars is a Pi app where users can upload their webinar content and receive Pi every time their presentation is viewed! Webinar topics are mostly educational, but users can introduce any topic, including blockchain and cryptocurrency! The application aims to go beyond being just a learning tool. While it promises to offer all the

20 09, 2022

Pi Apps: What You Need To Know About Watugot Project.

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Watugot is a registered company in India and has been working on its project for the last couple of years while scouting for an ideal cryptocurrency that could be used as a base currency to enable transactions. Since Pi network has a huge customer database globally, they took the opportunity to reach out the product

17 09, 2022


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Today's topic is WorkforcePool, a freelance marketplace based on the world's most accessible blockchain-based ecosystem, Pi Network. Using the WorkforcePool app, anyone can connect with and hire freelancers around the world, through automated matching of work and talent, merit-based advancement, and blockchain payments. The Project: Since Pi aims to be a truly meritocratic economy, it

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