10 12, 2022

Pi KYC: New features and improved infrastructure

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Since our last update in July, the Pi Core Team has made significant progress on the KYC process to 1) improve effectiveness, efficiency and safety of the KYC app, 2) expand KYC to an increasing number of Pioneers, and 3) analyze and work on solutions for real Pioneers who have submitted their applications and haven’t

5 11, 2022

Pi Core Team Release New Update on Mass KYC

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The long waiting period KYC is almost over as Pi Core Team continues in its relentless journey to migrate all pioneers to Mainnet. In a series of tweets by @CommandarCrow a pi network moderator, he announced The KYC app camera selector has been updated to improve the user experience and reduce errors experienced on

15 10, 2022

How Pi Core Team Changed The Status Of Pioneers From Passed To In Progress.

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A tweet by a popular moderator MegaMod confirmed the event as an error during deployment. The error was caused due to a deployment to improve the mining app Mainnet checklist. the error change the status of some Pioneers whose KYC applications were still “in progress” in the Pi KYC app to a “passed” status

2 10, 2022

KYC: More boost to Nigeria Pi Community as Pi Network include Standard NIN Slip for KYC

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Nigerians can now proceed to KYC using the standard NIN slip, this is a result of requests made by the Nigerian Pi Community. Previously Pioneers from Nigeria can only proceed to complete their KYC with the following: Drivers license, International Passport,  NIMC's National ID (plastic), Premium NIN Slip (Acquired from NIMC app after payment), and

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