Piscrow is an escrow system built on the Pi blockchain for secure and trusted P2P exchange of Pi for value. Below is the guide on how to make a successful transaction Piscrow

The buyer creates an escrow after a deal is made outside of the Piscrow app and inputs the item he wants to exchange for the pi. In this case, it’s a pen. After that, the buyer makes payment via the wallet.pi app to the piscrow mainnet wallet.

An escrow will be generated automatically on the Piscrow app, and the buyer will have a redeem code to share with the seller.

The seller goes to the “REDEEM ESCROW” page and enters the redeem code shared by the buyer and clicks “REDEEM”. Then the escrow will appear on his end, where the seller has to add the address where he wants to receive the Pi.

Now the buyer will have to make sure that it is the seller that redeemed the escrow, not another person, by confirming the seller’s Pi username.

When done, Piscrow will send a notification to the seller that he can now do his part of the deal agreed outside of the Piscrow app. After the seller has done his part, he will click on “done my part”

Now, the buyer will have to confirm if he has received the seller’s goods or services. If yes, he will now click on “release funds” and the funds will be sent to the seller.

The transaction is now complete. The funds will be sent to the seller’s provided wallet address. If anyone fails to do their part, please file an appeal and customer care will look into it. If we notice any scammers, the person stands a chance of not using our service anymore.