PiChainMall announced the inclusion of additional countries to the previous five, bringing the total number of counties where barter is ongoing to twelve.

According to the information made available twelve countries made up the list which are; Ghana, Egypt, Nepal, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Togo, Philippines, Vietnam, Ivory Coast and Malaysia.

Sellers from Vietnam, Indonesia, Togo and Egypt were among featured on the mall twitter handle. All the featured stores has successfully traded items which include:  clothes shoes on PCM. Coffee!

tableware, and Champagne. The buyer was satisfied with the barter!

Pi Chain Mall does not participate in pricing. All the prices are solely set by the sellers.

By means of the “Click & Collect” principle, the PiChainMall combines the flexibility and convenience of online ordering with the benefits offered by stationary retailers.

PCM sellers offer a wide range of products raging from cosmetics to groceries and clothing.