On December 28, 2021, Pi Network launched the Enclosed Mainnet along with new chapters of the updated Pi white paper that cover the Pi Token Model, and Mining Mechanism, and Roadmap. These chapters are in draft form and continue to update based on community feedback and data gathered during the Enclosed Mainnet period.

General Table of Contents for readers to follow.

Token Model and Mining

Pi Supply

Pre-Mainnet Supply

Mainnet Supply

Mining Mechanism

Pre-Mainnet Formula

Pre-Mainnet Systemwide Base Mining Rate

Security Circle Reward

Referral Team Reward

Mainnet Mining Formula

Systemwide Base Mining Rate

Pioneer Base Mining rate

Lockup Reward

App Usage Reward

Node Reward

The Effect of KYC on Mainnet rewards


Phase 1: Beta

Phase 2: Testnet

Phase 3: Mainnet

The Enclosed Network Period

Advantages of the Two-Period Approach to Mainnet

KYC Verification and Mainnet Balance Transfer

Restrictions in the Enclosed Network

The Open Network Period