Pi Network continues to strategically place itself on the right path to success.

The Core Team has successfully registered Pi Network as a sponsor for two events hosted by the prestigious university of Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley respectively.

Cal Hacks event which will happen on October 15-16 at UC Berkeley is Cal Hacks. Cal Hacks is the world’s largest collegiate hackathon event and will be attended by top players in the field of technology like Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, Google Clouds team, Also blockchain giants like polygon, Ripple, Avalanche Solana, Astar Network, Pi Network, etc. Participating companies will speak about their project while teams of technology professionals will take on challenges brought by the companies and compete for 24hours, make a submission and graded by a panel which will announce the winners.

Meanwhile, Hack Harvard will be held from October 14-16 and will welcome teams from Google Clouds, Meta, Pi Networks AssemblyAi MathWorks, etc. The Pi Core Team topic is Break Into Web3, where details about the project will be shared with participants.

You can visit calhacks.io and hackharvard.io for more information.