Pi network CoreTeam is working on getting the inactive Pioneers back to mining through alerts, this is according to the CT member on the official chatroom of the Pi Network.

In early September during the AMA session with moderators, this question was asked “Does CoreTeam Have plans to notify inactive users to complete KYC? Do we remind them to complete KYC by SMS or email reminder to download the app and login?”

And Team responded by saying “Yes there is already a feature actually halfway you know shown but that there is some scalability issue and not fully fledged to for people to use I don’t remember where it is at maybe it’s in the mainnet checklist the last step it’s  like inviting your teams to kyc so this is the mechanism and feature we thought  of to mobilizing the inactive or other members who haven’t kyc to kyc in a sense it’s decentralized motivation uh mechanism each person is motivating  their own security circle or referral team to pass kyc because they have their own  motivation as well because the bonuses attributed to those members uh depends on the verification of identity of their team members so the feature that we are thinking of is  notification through the similar to the pin however we are yes we’re also open to sending email notifications uh which will take time  to set up the infrastructure to send millions of emails but you know but still more feasible than sending messages text messages.”

This week, a pioneer @Deepswag raise a question on the Pi Network chatroom saying  “My question is, why can’t we have push notification through e-mail about the latest developments and media coverage about Pi Network. It would perhaps help bring some inactive folks to the mainstream

A member of the CoreTeam @CryptoGing responds to the question saying.  “The team is working on getting the inactive Pioneers back to mining through alerts but I don’t know if email is being planned”. He continued, “Initial thought on this would be that email unlike a phone notification can go to spam or junk folders, so the chances of a pioneer of getting the email is lower than a phone push notification.


This shows the Core Team are up and running regarding questions they received during the last AMA.