The long waiting period KYC is almost over as Pi Core Team continues in its relentless journey to migrate all pioneers to Mainnet.
In a series of tweets by @CommandarCrow a pi network moderator, he announced The KYC app camera selector has been updated to improve the user experience and reduce errors experienced on a number of different devices. Pioneers should now be able to open their applications and take photos of their ID for verification more easily.
Also, he stated pioneers that were blocked for attempting Facebook verification with a Facebook account that they had previously started an account registration with, that blocker has been removed. Pioneers should now be able to complete verification without issue.
He added, there are no daily limits for KYC. when the KYC pilot first rolled out, there were different limits to how many people can apply in a given period of time. We no longer have this limitation.
we continue to work on and prioritize so that we can unblock more and more Pioneers who want to apply/complete KYC.