The PI CHAIN project only focuses on Pi Network, and promotes the circulation and use of Pi. The project aims to allow miners around the world can create their own virtual shops for free, to transact goods & services. All transaction processes such as product information release, product delivery, and product purchase can be carried out on the mobile phone.

The founders have been engaged in cross-border trade for more than ten years.

With a vision of seeing Pi Network become the universal cryptocurrency in the future and the most widely used cryptocurrency, Pi Network will definitely be successful in the near future.

The company wishes to expand in areas such as cross-border e-commerce, software development, cultural media, education, training, etc.

Pichainmall App

Pichainmall preliminary function development of PI CHAIN MALL of the module Pi Chain International Mall has been completed. And the rest development work is still in progress.

The project relay on its top-notch industry professionals for success. We at Pipilot are wishing the success all through.


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