Pi Barter Mall is a B2B2C online shopping e-commerce platform, dedicated to Pi Pioneer, a large barter mall where you can purchase various physical and virtual goods online with Pi coins, similar to Taobao, JD, Tmall, cross-border e-ommerce, O2O And other multi-merchant-based e-commerce,  the platform support multi-merchants to settle in the self-service shop, support customer shopping, and distribution to earn commissions, so that global merchants can self-stay as merchants, and establish their own exclusive stores, helping pioneer merchants to sell their products to earn Pi coins, In addition to online consumption of Pi currency barter, ordinary Pioneer customers can also have exclusive merchandise distribution links, and make money through merchandise sales and mall platform commissions.

The platform supports Multiple merchants set up shop support “merchants settled + platform self-operated” Support third-party merchants settled and establish their own Pi store Multiple operating modes, similar to Taobao/JD

The user pay free as a distributor member, can promote all the merchandise activity commissions in the mall, and enjoy the right to share the promotion

Pi coin auction merchandise, the higher price earns, 1 pie 1 merchandise. Invite friends to join the group to make up the number of people, sellers deliver goods and use old customers to bring new customers to achieve geometric growth in sales. Shopping mall merchandise in a limited time rush to buy, Earn points for shopping, points can be redeemed for their products various marketing functions help multiple businesses operate accurately and increase the order rate.

Pi barter mall’s vision is to remain the best B2B mall platform suitable for suppliers and wholesalers to realize the integrated management of order transactions and logistics distribution.

Currently, Pi barter mall as been piloting barter in batches for over a month, successfully created tens of thousands of order data, and the platform has also obtained a turnover of nearly 20,000 Pi coins (pi blockchain browser can be checked)

You can the platform lgkm.net