Pi Webinars is a Pi app where users can upload their webinar content and receive Pi every time their presentation is viewed! Webinar topics are mostly educational, but users can introduce any topic, including blockchain and cryptocurrency!

The application aims to go beyond being just a learning tool. While it promises to offer all the features you would expect from a platform of this kind, Pi Webinars has a lot more to offer – You can have your verified content monetized and charge viewing fees!

Once the content is verified based on key eligibility requirements, the facilitator will receive Pi, the first digital currency for everyday people, based on the guidelines of Pi Webinars on the monetization of verified content.

Pi Webinars is a dedicated tool that will always make it easy for you to upload, manage, and deliver a seamless webinar.

Pi Network Engaged Pioneers may access Pi Webinars through the Pi browser and upload their respective webinars. They may choose from a wide variety of subjects such as, but not limited to, education, entrepreneurship, online marketing, personal development, technology and innovation, personal finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and food. All forthcoming webinars will be conspicuously posted for other users to browse and join at their leisure.

Viewers who choose to watch the webinars may pay using Pi, the amount of which will be set by the hosts of the webinars themselves. Viewers may watch a webinar of their choice by completing a transaction on the Pi blockchain, amounting to 2 Pi for a live webinar and 1 Pi for an on-demand webinar. The Pi received will then be pooled in the Pi Webinars’ wallet before being distributed to the content creators at the end of each month, according to how many views each creator’s webinar gets. Pi Webinars will charge a 20% fee for services provided.