PitoGo announced the release of a beta version of their platform. The version will promote pioneers’ engagement as the hotel and reservations,tourist attraction centers,Market places will get listed on the website to let pioneers exchange goods and services.

The release which seems like a shift from their previous pitch to a social network type apps let’s you create profiles posts on your profile, you can do the following:

Create A Story

Share material (pictures, videos) that will vanish after 24 hours. Your followers and friends will be able to see your shared story.

Create A Group

Groups allow you to meet individuals who share your interests, to help form a community with your followers and supporters. You may modify the Group’s settings to modify roles, permissions, and other settings.

Browse, Discover & Points

Share, comment, create posts, react to posts & refer a user to get some points. Join Groups and Channels to discover more posts. Also view trending hastags for catchy posts. Accumulated points can then be converted to wallet credit, where you will be able to send them to your friends, spend them on creating adverts and other features that are coming soon.

Create Advert Campaigns

Create and manage advertising campaigns using simple self-service tools, and analyze their success with straightforward reports. Use your earned credit from points or the available payment methods, such as PI Network, to run ads.