PiBridge has announced the the launching of its project Testnet, the annoucement comes less than a month after it shares preview screens of the DAPP design.

The Decentralized application, will have a sign in, registration, wallet, staking, and farming functionality. Althouhg the team promised to complete testing by october and have its Mainnet ready by November, it shares only a few feature of the application which are, Wallet screen and an evident of a successful user registration

The announcement was made by the official twitter handle of Pi Bridge @PiBridgeOrg

With the launch of the #Pibridge #Testnet, we’ve come a long way from concept to technology solution, message spread, and, most importantly, product. We plan to end this beta in October and launch the mainnet in November.

Pibridge is a trustless gateway that unleashes the barrier between the Pi network and other blockchains, making Pi accessible and approachable to the public and offering a new permissionless and transparent financial tool to the Pi users. Pi Bridge allows data to flow and Pi holders to freely travel between the networks. This is also a pre-opened way for Pi holders to take advantage of the asset’s value.