World tourism has always been the world’s largest hot industry and the most in need of leisure activities.

PitoGo wishes to bring end to the huddle tourist face due to difference in currency.  Major travel websites provide a wide variety of travel services, but the biggest problem is that when people go to different countries, they must exchange the currency of that country, which causes exchange differential losses.

Pi Network’s decentralized cryptocurrency system provides people with the convenience to use one coin. Therefore, the founders aim to develop a platform where tourists do not need to exchange foreign currencies and cause exchange rate losses, and can easily obtain the services you need when traveling.

Our services

On PitoGo platform, tourist can order the following tourist services: (with local stores to provide services)

(1) Order transportation tickets: Book ticketing services for airlines, trains, cruises, etc.

(2) Order tickets: Book tickets for one-time events such as attractions, activities, amusement parks, travel itineraries, etc.

(3) Booking hotels, restaurants, and delivery meals: Book tourist hotels (HOTEL, RBnB), restaurant reservations, food delivery services (Pi Eat like Uber Eat, FoodPanda services, etc.)

(4) Transportation in the traveling area: Book online reservation and rental services for taxis, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

(5) Tourist souvenirs: We provide online souvenir purchases. You don’t need to pick them up in person. When you are ready to leave, they will be delivered to the designated place in person.​

Pi payment

When tourist make purchase on the platform and perform checkout actions with Pi payment. Tourists only need to confirm the payment amount with tab on the passphrase to complete the payment quickly, user will send notification SMS (or Email), making the platform safe and reliable.

Participating stores can set up prepayment and final payment functions in the background to facilitate tourist’s payment.

Global cooperation model:  The platform is open to broaden its services with local travel agency in different regions, and the travel agency of the respective countries will establish the country’s travel service content in the platform to provide the most complete and convenient travel consultation.

This is an integrated Global platform, you can get the tourism activity plan you want in here without going to different regions websites.

Pi points reward: Every time a tourist uses the platform, they can get Pi’s points rewards, and the earned points can be accumulated and used to obtain more preferential price options.


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