After writing much about Pichainmall today, I will write about my experience shopping on Pichainmall. December 24 is the day I made my first order of 3 pieces of men’s boxers at 10.5pi (shipping including) from AngonAudi vendor. Three days later, I received a phone call from the vendor, after the introduction, he verified my address and promise to send the item to my location in Abuja from Gombe state, Nigeria. Moments after our conversation I went back to his vendor to see if I can order more, eventually saw a men’s vest which I again ordered, paid 20pi (shipping included), and notified him which he confirmed and shipped together.

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At first, he posted the items with the Nigeria Postal Service and then recalled them after a delay in processing from the National Courier. He eventually informed me he will send it through a friend coming to Abuja to deliver it, which he did.

The entire process took about 14 days to complete and I experienced superb customer service from the vendor. I recommend you try purchasing goods from Pichainmall and share your experience with the community.

PichainMall is the first active barter app on the Pi ecosystem which focus on providing barter services for Pioneers of Pi Network around the world. Apart from mining, you can earn Pi on their platform through selling.