Nigerians can now proceed to KYC using the standard NIN slip, this is a result of requests made by the Nigerian Pi Community.

Previously Pioneers from Nigeria can only proceed to complete their KYC with the following: Drivers license, International Passport,  NIMC’s National ID (plastic), Premium NIN Slip (Acquired from NIMC app after payment), and now Standard NIN Slip (Acquired from NIMC App, Free to share and use without making payment).

How to get a standard NIN slip

  1. Proceed to Playstore or Appstore and search for  “NIMC app”
  2. Install the App on your phone.
  3. Open the app and register using your NIN, an SMS will be sent to you for confirmation. Also, choose a pin you can remember during the registration.
  4. Click on show my ID after you log in and tap on full to display more information.
  5. Scan the code with another device to download the ID and proceed for your KYC on Pi Browser.

The Slip will look like this.

Congratulations for reaching this far, keep mining