After much complain regarding payment error by the Pi community using the PCM platform to trade, a reason has solution has been offered to pioneers on how to overcome the error faced during payment.

For pioneers facing issues during the barter, if Test-π is displayed when you want to make a payment, please do the following.

1️⃣ Login to your Pi wallet.

2️⃣ Change to testnet.

3️⃣ Transfer Test-π balance to any unused test wallet.

4️⃣ Leave a minimum of 20 Test-π remaining in your Testnet.

5️⃣ Change to mainnet again.

6️⃣ Try to make the payment again on the PCM platform.

The Pichainmall team  announced the solution is temporary and communicate traders to be patient as it await the Pi Core team to update SDK

The announcement was retweeted  by PCM from a tweet by @Edwin2199

PichainMall is the first active barter app on the Pi ecosystem which focus on providing barter services for Pioneers of Pi Network around the world. Apart from mining, you can earn Pi on their platform through selling.