The Pi Community has been clamoring for the idea of having a globally accepted price for Pi Coin. The Global Consensus Value (GVC) which is championed by Woody Lightyear. A member of the Pi Network’s Core Team finally speaks, addressing pioneers on issues bothering the global consensus value ($314,159).

According to a moderator in the Pi chat room, @FMateus who outrightly debunked the rumour of an existing Global Consensus Value (GCV) in the Pi community, saying, there’s no such thing as Global Consensus Value and Pi Network’s Core Team are not aware of such. His words;

“Mute all the Global Consensus Value (GCV) scammers, there’s no such thing as consensus, let alone 314k. They’re damaging sellers during enclosed mainnet and killing every opportunity of the said sellers to stay on the enclosed mainnet. GCV IS A SCAM.”

Recall that Jing has always sounded bitter whenever issues are raised concerning the Global Consensus Value (GCV). He has always insisted that pricing depends mostly on demand and cannot be fixed without taking to account what the market needs.

The moderator further expressed that the rumor of the global consensus value is rather damaging sellers repute and may likely discourage them from trading during this enclosed mainnet.