For Pioneers who have the chance to use the KYC resubmission button, how long should the wait to get another chance?

Resubmission would be useful would be a useful remedy only for a few cases such as a failure

in image recognition checks that make sense that allowing them to resubmit their images

for the algorithm to take another try and then many of them actually get passed until there are  major changes to the system in these checks like for example the image recognition the resubmission wouldn’t help that much if someone who is actually  stuck because of their name appeal then it should be waiting for the name appeal feature to come  out to resolve the it if their name don’t  match don’t simply match so giving  them another resubmission will only lead them to have more trouble resubmitting one more time put  them wouldn’t let them just go past because of  resubmission.

however we need to strike a balance in granting you know even for the for the checks that the resubmission would help we need to  strike a balance in granting resubmissions because we don’t want to let the fake accounts  to get many opportunities to retry either.


Does CoreTeam Have plans to notify inactive users to complete KYC? Do we remind them to complete KYC by SMS or email reminder to download the app and login?


Yes there is already a feature actually halfway you know shown but that there is some scalability issue and not fully fledged to for people to use I don’t remember where it is at maybe it’s in the mainnet checklist the last step it’s  like inviting your teams to kyc so this is the mechanism and feature we thought  of to mobilizing the inactive or other members who haven’t kyc to kyc in a sense it’s decentralized motivation uh mechanism each person is motivating  their own security circle or referral team to pass kyc because they have their own  motivation as well because the bonuses attributed to those members uh depends on the verification of identity of their team members so the feature that we are thinking of is  notification through the similar to the pin however we are yes we’re also open to sending email notifications uh which will take time  to set up the infrastructure to send millions of emails but you know but still more feasible than sending messages text messages.


When will Validators receive their validation reward?

the majority of  the efforts right now in the kyc team have been to unblocking pioneers for their ability to submit  kyc and getting unstuck in the kyc review process  for various reasons just mentioned above what like for the user and endpoint it’s just the same it’s pending or it’s a stuck but for the engineering side of things it’s actually different  set of work.

It’s not just one set of work and unblock all people. It’s a different miscellaneous set of work to unblock different people for different reasons and that’s why it takes time and that’s why you continuously hearing people who is stuck is because um you know there are always remaining people who is stuck due to the probability of algorithms and due to human errors and we’re trying our best to unblock them and improve them as much as possible.

The validated rewards are accumulated by deducting one pi from each successful kyc especially at the migration and into a pool this pool will only increase and will not decrease because it will only be used to reward validators.

All the work such as checks validator did are accounted for in the database so we have all the data that is needed in order to distribute the reward.

So the rewards from the pool will be distributed after the calculation of the accurate validation checks because there are some validations should be false and that shouldn’t be compensated for.

It will be after the kyc process is more stable state where all pioneers can apply to kyc,

fewer people are stuck in the pipeline.

This also helps  to reward all pioneer all validators more fairly because the initial periods of kyc movement – we call it if it’s a network movement of  kyc the initial periods like right now or anytime before right now it should be considered the initial period uh this may involve more negative results meaning that like these ones are marked as internally as rejected or actually rejected whereas later stage presumably more cases passing.

So the pool only comes from the successful kyc, as a reminder, because only the people who are kyc that actually can claim the pie and therefore actually have the ability to pay the one pi but will reward all the work by validators even if  the results of the cases are negative meaning that work if a validator accurately validates a case and determine this case shouldn’t pass, this validator’s work still needs to be rewarded because it’s a work help to result in accurate negative results, so accounting for larger  data set of the validation work helps overall  more fair reward distribution Give a very  simple example:

so early on let’s suppose, all these are supposed to hypothetical number, suppose  a 3 out of 10 kyc applications pass kyc and these work are done by 10 validators which  is uh in the assumption is hypothetical because actually each case has much many validators  involved.

Let’s suppose 10 for simplicity.

Therefore this will yield 3 pi should be distributed among 10 people and each validator will only get 0.3 pi but later as the system improve later 9 out of 10 people pass kyc  and also down by 10 validators 9 pi will be  distributed among 10 people.

This leads to the later periods 0.9 pi but if we pull both batches together and distribute the pi rewards together, it means that the you know 3 plus 9 is 12 pi in total and distributed to you know 20 validators in total that each validator should earn 0.6 pi instead of the for the initial validators that basically suffer from a lot of negative results is 0.3 and then later has much higher

6:40 this is a simple hypothetical example why pulling it together more to have to reach a little bit more stable kyc start you know periods helps even or more fair distribution.


How many validator are there in total

Currently there is over 700,000 validators who have validated at least a certain amount of applications meaning that it’s not just one  one or two it’s like a few applications a few.


is there human vslidation involved in all validations?

Yes, at the moment every kyc application involves multiple human validations but human validations do not constitute the whole validation process of a kyc and but all the cases uh also involve multiple machine automation checks so we will see how this can evolve.

In the future maybe we will be at the point where many validations can be fully completed by ai

and when the ai say is not certain that’s when uh it goes to human validators and by the way this is going to be a benefit for human validators as well because they will only be called to do meaningful work. Therefore more meaningful work therefore critical meaning that not the easy cases but the more difficult cases that the computer cannot determine and as a result the proportion the amount of pi that will be   distributed would also be higher because fewer people are needed per a person who needs the kyc yeah so this is a  you know the design of a component of a machine and also ai and uh human is by you know it’s um is to make something a hundred percent meaning that it can reach finality because ai until today even though it’s a great applications in areas very widely very useful but it cannot achieve 100% however the kyc determination needs to be 100% that’s why we have the design of two components and at the same time as you guys many of you know ai has the nature of involvement like  evolution of itself of getting smarter as it goes and that’s what Nicolas commented on later it might not need certain processes or reduce certain type of work for validator  while giving validator more critical  work to work on so that we’re doing two  things basically as we go one is we’re using these algorithms to make decisions in the  applications as they go but we are also learning the algorithm is training and learning based on  validation responses and it’s improving itself.


Can you share any Mainnet statistics with the Community?


Some migration statistics, so currently there is a little bit over 1 billion pi that is moved to   mainnet it’s 1.046b something like that and about  80% of that is locked for six months or more like eight hundred and thirteen thousand  million and some more we have migrated

about 1.3 million to mainnet that means that this one billion by belongs to those 1.3 million people and there is uh currently about 2.6 million about double that who have passed kyc

so this means if we divide the numbers up it means that currently the average mainnet balance of pioneers is about 800 pi 808 these are the statistics current statistics about the migration.


Can we add the feature automatically switch the keyboard to english when entering a passphrase this would will limit the situation that the binary still leaves the keyboard in  

the native language and confuses one number of or character when entering the passphrase.  


I think this is really good idea we can look into whether it is technically feasible if the

phones allow you or the phone browsers allow you to to do this to modify the keyboard settings

if we can it’s a really good idea thank you for proposing