27 11, 2022

Binance News Co-Founder Joined Pi Community, Call for BNB and Pi Network Collab

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The Co-Founder of Binance Smart Chain News announced joining the Pi Commuinity. Mr. Ben made the announcement after series of post by his News channel. In a tweet he praised the resilience of Pi community and calling the project the people’s chain. He characterize the Pi community as huge, excited and super nice. also called

24 11, 2022

Pichainmall: Merchants Can Now Withdraw Their Earnings From PCM.

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After Much internal testing and review the team at Pichaimall has released the a pilot phase of its withdrawal feature which will allow merchants selling on its platform to withdraw their Pi earnings to their wallet. In an accounment it made today the team has taken into consideration the worth of its community as it

24 11, 2022

Piscrow Begins Barter on Its Platform, Competing With Pichainmall

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Piscrow expanded its operation to compete with Pichainmall with its new feature Deal Zone. Deal Zone will provide marchants to goods and services on the Piscrow. In a tweet on its official Twitter handle, the team announced the new feature is completed and shows how pioneers can use post goods and services.   Piscrow is

21 11, 2022

Pi FortuneMarket Announced Preparation To Begin Barter

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Pi FortuneMarket is set to follow the footsteps of Pichainmall in providing an environment for pioneers to trade their Pi for goods and services. In a tweet earlier today, the team announced it completed the last checklist of requirements sets for deploying utility App on the Pi Network. However it awaits the Pi Core Team

19 11, 2022

Pi Network Showcase Recent Universities Hackathon It Sponsors And Utility Apps Developed By Participants

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As part of an outreach initiative to onboard new developers, Pi Network proudly sponsored three U.S.- based hackathons over the weekend of October 14-16 at Harvard University, Cornell University and UC Berkeley. There, enthusiastic student developers from around the country and world worked on unique projects on Pi’s platform and incorporated Pi Cryptocurrency in their

14 11, 2022

BSC News Predicts Pi Network Prepares for Open Mainnet

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Could the launch of Pi Network be just around the corner after the team confirmed millions of KYC'd users and the success of testnet applications? Open Public Mainnet Finally Arrived for Pioneers The Pi Network team has given clues that the Open Network Mainnet for Pi users could be right around the corner. The

12 11, 2022

Having Difficulty Paying For Products On Pichainmall? Follow This Steps To Overcome The Problem.

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After much complain regarding payment error by the Pi community using the PCM platform to trade, a reason has solution has been offered to pioneers on how to overcome the error faced during payment. For pioneers facing issues during the barter, if Test-π is displayed when you want to make a payment, please do

8 11, 2022

PichainMall Begins International Trade

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PiChainMall International has officially begin barter for internationally, according to information released today on its the official Twitter handle @pichainmall barter will be open barter in all countries from 10th November, 2022. PichainMall is the first active barter app on the Pi ecosystem which focus on providing barter services for Pioneers of Pi Network

8 11, 2022

PichainMall Begins Crediting Pioneers Account.

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PichainMall announced it begins refunding pioneers who made multiple wrong payments last month. payments attention to your PCM balance. The vendor observes due to platform update during last week, pioneers are not able to sign in and receive PCM points. Distribution was of the lost PCM points during these days were sent to pioneers

5 11, 2022

Pi Core Team Release New Update on Mass KYC

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The long waiting period KYC is almost over as Pi Core Team continues in its relentless journey to migrate all pioneers to Mainnet. In a series of tweets by @CommandarCrow a pi network moderator, he announced The KYC app camera selector has been updated to improve the user experience and reduce errors experienced on

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