The Pi network ecosystem continues to grow at an exponential rate since the announcement of the enclosed Mainnet as New DAPPS continue to be developed by different project teams.

SanPi is developed by Pioneers in Vietnam, the platform allows Pioneers to place a buy/sell order in the country’s local currency the Vietnamese Dong (VND).

The platform which seems to be for local buyers features three languages English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Users can place a buy order at 5022VND an amount equivalent to $0.205902, and a sell order at the rate of  4813VND the equivalent of $0.197333.

The team has set aside 959,166,000VND as the startup capital for their project.

Kindly note: the Pi Core Team forbids any transaction that involves the exchange of Pi Coin to fiat currencies, as such, we advised pioneers to make verification before transacting with SanPi.

The platform’s portal can be accessed through Pi Browser, or your normal, the URL of the platform is