PiBridge announces a strategic partnership with Unity Capital a FinTech and Blockchain company. The Bridge development team says Unity Capital is a blockchain company with years of experience.
Unity Capital Ventures is the premier community-backed venture capital firm that invests in world-class blockchain (marketing) projects.
At the time of writing, PiBridge has not articulated the mutual benefits that the partnership will bring, and more importantly, the impact it will have on the global community of pioneers.

Earlier PiBridge announced the launching of its website pibridge.org, the team announced it will issue PiB token, a packaged Pi coin, and its platform is expected to connect the Pi network to other blockchains.

However, PiBridge is an all-in-one decentralized financial application platform with multi-chain and cross-chain AMM, agriculture, lending, funding platform (Launchpad), forecasting, NFTs, and more. A trusted gateway connecting the Pi network and other blockchains.